From the front page of our site, you know some things about me – a man, husband, father. But as with each of us, there is more. I have quite a background personally and academically, and love learning. The goal is to be effective.

Who are you? Are you succeeding? Are you effective?

It starts with your intentions. I know mine quite well. How about you? Take some time to think about the desires and longings of your heart. If your desires were met, where would you be?

Goals are something else – steps in the directions of your intentions.

“To do” lists become subsets of your goals. Everything worthwhile has a beginning and a process.

Process is the journey of many steps toward your intentions. But there is more that preceded my intentions.

Back to me for another look. I’m successful. I started with hardship and poverty, but with a unique advantage. I became fabulously wealthy in my inner man, my spirit and soul, because I was introduced to Jesus at an early age. I met him. Some you you know Him, but others of you don’t trust anything about any religion, including Christianity. I felt His love, I experienced His power as people around Him did when He walked the roads and streets of Jerusalem and Israel. What His disciples experienced caused many to die for Him even under government threat of execution.

My experiences with Jesus drew me and saved me from destruction. I don’t say that lightly. My spirit and mind was eternally effected by ongoing encounters with the living Jesus. Again and again He impacted my thinking – everything about who I was and could be. I fell in love with Jesus.

Truth is universal, found my many thinkers, scientists, and scholars. But Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” It would be wisdom to find the Author and Source of truth, not just the information we sometimes call truth.

You are created with an internal plumb line – your spirit. When your spirit by means of your mind and soul encounters Jesus, you come alive in your inner man. Don’t confuse it with religion. A donkey born in a barn is not a barn. You joining or attending a church doesn’t make you a Christian. It’s a spiritual event Jesus called being “born again.” It’s a new kind of life – His nature imparted by the Holy Spirit, eternal in quantity and portable – it is inside you. It goes with you and affects you from the inside out. The Bible talks about spirit, soul, and body all being redeemed by Jesus. It’s a process.

Back to your intentions – they come out of who you are and your desires. Get to Jesus and let His love change your desires. That’s your safe place for your intentions to be birthed. Jesus had ultimate good intentions. “He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.”

It starts with Him. A life-long relationship with the One who overcame death, hell, and the grave.

Go for it!

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