No matter where you go in America, you experience common elements of this amazing land.

This land is drop dead gorgeous. It is huge, beautiful, geographically diverse, and readily accessible. Just drive. Take a road trip. You will be as pleased as visitors from all over the world that visit here, or desire with all their heart to relocate here.

This land has an atmosphere, a spiritual quality. You sense its grandeur, potential, richness – it’s incomparable.

It has been said that if America itself were to cease to exist, the “idea” of America would continue. That idea draws people from all over the world to come here, to become an American.

More than anything else, its heritage is resident in its impact on your mind and emotions. It’s a heritage of freedom. You need no passport to travel from state to state. You don’t need the government’s permission to travel. You are free!

Everywhere, you will find highways, supplies, food, gas, friendly people, and opportunities to restore your soul with nature’s ministry. You were made to be nourished by creation!

You are free to travel, to relocate, to visit, and to purchase wherever you wish. No one will tell you “No!” Your vehicle is yours, your money is yours, and this land is yours. You are as free as you wish to be. You are in America!

It came from the most amazing group of Founding Fathers. They didn’t give you what you have, they recognized it, something thinkers like John Locke, whom the Founders studied, called “unalienable rights” given you by your Creator – the same Creator that made this beautiful planet you can travel to see.

“Unalienable” means they cannot be separated from your person. No government, political party, business entity, or religion can give them to you or remove them. Only you can abdicate them or fail to exercise them.

In other parts of the world, governments or even religions have claim to give their people rights, or to refuse to recognize the rights of individuals. America was organized under a covenant called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, in order to recognize and preserve those rights. They are yours!

So take a road trip. Enjoy the fruit of your ancestors wisdom and labor. Its great!


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