A new paradigm of leadership that will equip you to have a lasting influence

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A new paradigm of leadership that will equip you to have a lasting influence

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Inside the pages of Fatherpower®

Revolutionary ideas for your home, business, and ministry for generations to come. You will also read stories that will increase your faith. They are true, and they are based on a legacy of Bible truths and realities.

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Don Wood

The Author

Don and Kay are Texans with four sons that are college grads, business owners, or veterans. Kay is a free-lance editor and Don is a business owner with a degree in Bible and History. They have participated in church plants, political campaigns, business growth, and are sought out counselors.

  • Don is a graduate of Southeastern University with a PreSeminary Degree with majors in History and Bible. His career spans ministry and business. Don speaks to churches and crowds of every type from few to thousands and writes curriculum for ministry and business teams. He has grown business organizations and as a builder he supervised construction of hundreds of projects. The recent company he founded has become an industry model.
  • Kay is a graduate of Kansas State University with an English major. Besides raising four grown sons, she has counseled pastors and couples. Her editing skills and Bible knowledge  has been applied to thousands of pages of published materials by many authors.
  • Don and Kay have served and supported small and mega churches for decades as elders, ministry team leaders, and teachers. He is now President of Fatherpower Ministries, a teaching platform for Biblical principles.
  • Don and Kay are advising national organizations on business and political issues.
  • More books are coming! Fatherpower – Generational Leadership has much material on how authority functions, and that kind of insight is being applied to other topics as well.

Press Inquiries & Resources

Please direct all press inquiries to Kay Wood at team@fatherpower.com.

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What exactly is Fatherpower.com?

Fatherpower is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that functions as a ministry and education vehicle for the distinct Biblical perspective of Don and Kay Wood and other contributors. It is full of fresh vision for culture, education, politics, families, and business.

Fatherpower – Generational Leadership is the flagship book.

How can I take advantage of Fatherpower resources?

The Fatherpower – Generational Leadership book is the best resource to change your mind about your potential as a leader and help you gain courage to change the circumstances around your own life.

It will give you insight to other directions you can go with your life. It’s a simple book with profound impact.

How about other resources?

ReThink Radio is the impact section under the Fatherpower umbrella. The blogs available there are on many topics: “ReThink Church”, “ReThink Government”, “ReThink Education”, “ReThink Family”, “ReThink Business”, etc.

These are self-paced listen anytime programs produced by Christian entrepreneurs, leaders, and professors. You will also find specially highlighted programs that will help you make application of the Christian truths learn there.

Will Fatherpower or ReThink offer Continuing Education?

Fatherpower was created to bring understanding and education as a part of the good news of Jesus and the kingdom of God. Continuing education and certificates of completion are offered on a variety of topics.

Is it available in my country?

Fatherpower is available worldwide 24/7.

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