Our country has a lot to work on. But the hope of America is not in the politicians, governments, or big businesses. It is in you, the American people. Only you can cause such change that shifts the nation back to exceptionality and standards of truth.


The American Family


The American people are not made up of government bureaucrats. Rather, it is families, fathers, mothers, entrepreneurs, employees, farmers, and blue collar workers. In other words, you are the American people. And you are our hope. We can no longer put our hope in most pastors, politicians, or government entities.


The Government of People Pleasers


If you hadn’t noticed, I want to point this out. Our government, and many of the people in leadership today, are filled with fear of man. They are people pleasers. There is a lack of genuine fear of God that is necessary to propel our nation in the right direction. There are laws that are making pastors afraid to speak out. They don’t want to take the heat.

There are laws that are making pastors afraid to speak out. They don’t want to take the heat. There are companies and associations that refuse to adhere to certain principles because of the backlash they might receive from a select few. No one, it seems, is ready to stand for what is right. And no one, it seems, is willing to stick to what our Founding Fathers designed for our nation. The unbalance of power is making us vulnerable.


Turning Back to What Made America Great


The Founding Fathers put the hope of America in the American people from the start. Our government was designed to be run “by the people, for the people”. Our nation has started to stray off course from this truly exceptional system. And it is up to the American people to bring it back on course.

There is a singular story told about the famous Benjamin Franklin. Upon leaving the Constitutional Convention where the leaders of the revolution assembled to form a new type of government, someone shouted at him, “what kind of government are they making, Mr. Franklin?” To which Ben Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

This story symbolizes the true disposition of the Founding Fathers. They were dedicated to setting up a government to succeed, but they knew it rested much upon the American people.


Find the Truth


Oftentimes we beat around the bush when it comes to finding out truth. This is because we’re afraid it’s going to hurt. Well, I’m here to tell you that though it might hurt it’s worth it. You won’t do anything of significance without a little heat.

Ideally, as you stand for truth in your sphere of influence, you will grow to be a spokesperson for it. And at that point, people will look to you for guidance. This is how the American people will pivot the hope of America. By using our words and actions to find the truth and advocate it.

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