As a grown man, it’s difficult for me to imagine the joy and fear of a mother carrying a baby in her womb. Her growing belly is carrying life. Human life, and she is its steward, bearing it at the risk of her own. And it goes way beyond the nine months of safety and protection inside her overtaxed body.

DNA Is Mind Boggling

Human cells, like every cell of every living thing on earth, reproduce by the division of its nucleus, splitting its DNA into two parts and then dividing into two cells. This is called mitosis.

Reproduction involves not just mitosis, but meiosis, when the sperm and ova each divide in a special way, to be able to share half of their individual DNA with their counterpart to create a new life with new characteristics – some of the DNA from each –  the male and female donors. The process is incredible. Without meiosis, all humans would be just clones of their parents. But they are wonderfully unique. No two are exactly alike, except twins. Even then, they are not clones of either their mother or their father.

The joining of the two different cells – male and female donors, spermatozoa and ovum – creates a new life that shares some of the characteristics of the mother and the father. It is a miracle as great as the creation of the universe, perpetuated by principles built into nature itself. Neither the young man nor the young woman determined its progress – it was in them when they were born.

What About the Dreams?

  • She was a twinkle in his eye! She was his dream come true.
  • Her heart carried her into his arms! She had dreamed for someone like him.
  • They were just what the other needed.

They were designed from the beginning to be family, by means of falling in love!

God Himself Is a Romantic

The love within the Godhead – the Trinity – between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, spilled over into His creation in the love of a husband and wife. All of creation was declared by Him to be “good.” But when He created Adam and Eve, He called it “very good.”

Here’s the point. God’s dreams were invested in humans.

He looks at you and dreams about your future. It is the same thing your mother and father thought when they tucked you into bed as a child. They stood in your doorway and dreamed about your future.

She held you in her arms after feeding and caring for you. She was touching you, looking at your face as you fell asleep – hoping, longing, dreaming that you would grow strong, safe, beautiful, handsome, talented, successful – having more than she did.

She Gave You Her Dreams

She sang to you, held you, prayed for you. She gave you dreams. Her body gave you life. Her heart lifted your heart.

Sure, your daddy protected you, disciplined, trained, played with you. But she gave you her hopes and dreams.

Maybe she gave you faith, too.

Don’t ever lose it.

God wants your dreams to come true.

He was involved in the very start in creating you, and He is as close as your breath even now. He has proved His love for you.

You can count on it.

Think about it.

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