Fatherpower® – Generational Leadership


Inside these pages, you'll discover a new paradigm of fathering-empowering people, going beyond merely meeting their needs or using them to achieve your goals-revolutionary ideas for your home, business, and ministry for generations to come.
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"Don’t read this book … live it. Close yourself away, capture time to feel the warmth of this story … as enduring as the universe, as comforting as your secret place … the loving embrace of a God who passionately loves you. Don Wood captures the textures, joys, and hurts real families are made of … and then shows us how to find our way into the extravagant love of a powerful father, Almighty God. Don’t just read this book, enjoy the journey for yourself … here is what life is all about. You’ve found a precious gem!” 

P.C., Pastor and Leader

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About the Book

In its second printing, Fatherpower® – Generational Leadership reveals a new kind of leadership – “Empower to Release vs Reduce to Keep™”- applicable to family, business, church, and government – to help men and women realize their authority to create hope for the future for “Generations at the Gates of Power™


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ISBN: 9780974537702
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